Gearing up for the coming year

The Style Sheet simplifies communication

In the time between Christmas and New Years, when photographers take a breath before launching into the next year, we often revamp  our marketing efforts.  Informing prospective clients how we can benefit them is an essential part of that.

The phrase “Gearing up for the coming year” reminds me that part of our skillset at Jeff Behm Photography is clarifying communication with our clients in order to KNOW we’re on the same page.  How do you describe to a photographer what you want your company’s headshots to look like? Especially if you want to change them from what you’ve done for years.  It doesn’t help much to say, “Not like those.”

Thankfully, at Jeff Behm Photography, we provide you with direct references to make accurate communication easy by sending you our Style Sheet.  That way, when you ask for #7 or The Hollywood, or any of the 8 styles on the sheet, we are both on the same page.

Next: Our “Preparation for Your Headshots” planning sheet.    

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