Business Portraits – More Than Meets the Eye

“Make certain your image creates a strong, positive first impression on your behalf!”

There’s more than a cliche in that statement. The common phrase “headshot” or “head shot” is your online introduction to new contacts in business.  Consider it to be what it is – a business portrait to ensure a good first impression.

Creating the proper business portrait is about a lot more than the equipment used.  It’s about the skill of the photographer to present YOU to those who’ll see you in a manner that they’ll remember positively.  We at Jeff Behm Photography are experienced in how to help you make that positive impact.

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The Process? What does that mean?

Think of this as a description of how things progress – from start to finish – in a simple graphic outline.

Making Sense of a Photographic Advertising Project

Getting Started: What To Do?

A Guide to Some Necessary Steps

Wrapping Up Your Advertising Photography

Professional Advertising Imagery – Call 724-730-8513 or email

For more information see these links:

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What do you sell? Yeah! We Photograph That!

Act NOW! Extraordinary photography for extraordinary products and services

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Food and jewelry are the kinds of products for which we’re best known. But sailboats, trolly cars, military hardware, furniture and train cars are among the products we have successfully photographed for clients around the US, Canada and the UK.

#advertising #food #jewelry #product

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Jewelry: in focus, front to back

Necklace with precious stones

Gemstone necklace, sharply in focus front to back

When choosing your photographer, you want to know whether you can specify sharpness of the jewelry from front to back. The nature of closeup macro photography used in jewelry determines that depth of field in one exposure isn’t usually likely. And, sometimes it’s not necessary or desired. But when it is, you want to know your photographer can deliver. At Jeff Behm Photography, we deliver! We are masters at capturing your jewelry. Our refined techniques with focus stacking, tilt-shift lenses, proper exposure and accurate color balance are all part of the package. For more jewelry by Jeff Behm Photography, see: Or, visit our Jewelry heading in this blog:

Left, sharp front to back. Right, soft focus back. Tell us what serves your jewelry best

Our 38 years of experience photographing jewelry, products, food and business leaders is always available to you, wherever needed. Ask us! We can definitely come to you. Located in Frederick, MD, our clients have taken us to Europe, Canada and 48 states.


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Sometimes You Just Need a Great Steak!

Want to be irresistible?

I can’t help it.  A great steak like this Filet Mignon for Chicago Steak Company makes me hungry.
Please note, this is a skill we can bring to your products, whatever they are! Jewelry, food, products small and large, executive portraits of yourself or your staff…this is what we offer you. See for more. #food #jewelry #headshots #products

Making mouths water with great photography! That’s our job.

Call Jeff Behm Photography today at 724-730-8513 or email Enhance your company’s marketing efforts.

Cover photo for a catalog of china patterns
Woodmere Catalog
Personal Use Items
Medispec Lithotripsy System
Gold medal winning
Box Photos for Joy Cone Company
Asian woman scientist with microscopes
Scientist with Microscopes
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We Are a Team

Tomahawk Rib Eye Steak

In writing about what Jeff Behm Photography can do for your marketing, I never want to leave the impression that this is all down to one person.  We are a team and we collaborate well.  That’s another benefit to you as a client; collaborative efforts bring greater variety of thought and expand the visual horizons of your marketing efforts.

White Gold Interlocked Carabiners

We Are Professionals

Planning, previsualizing, production meetings, location scouting when needed, preparing you and your people for the photographic event –  all of these are skills we provide when you choose Jeff Behm Photography.

Our skill with Jewelry Photography includes sharp focus front to back if you choose

We Offer a Broad Spectrum of Services

Photography, graphic design and printing are all available through us.  Printing and design are services in addition to photography that we’ve provided for over 30 years.  Ask us, we’ll be glad to work with you on these as well. Our recently completed tri-fold flier for Perfect Truffle is just one example.

#food #jewelry #headshots #products

Take your commercial photography and ad needs to the next level. Email today.

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Standing ring collection
These rings and their arrangement didn’t just “happen”. Neither should your imagery.

Work as a “turn around specialist”

Long ago, I worked as a corporate problem solver, or turn around specialist, sent in to manage operations in disarray and bring them into line with corporate goals. That collection of rings, above, is just one way to apply the same skills to imagining your photography.

On the surface, photography appears to be very unlike those days steering hundreds of people into the path our employer desired. Yet the skill set of creative thinking, tenacity, patience, innovation, communication, observation and education remains with me today.

The CEO of R. E. Whittaker, Inc. could not conceive of what I was describing until I asked my then-resident artist draw a sketch of what I envisioned. That carpet being cleaned (left) is on a floor we built specifically for this photograph of the real product the company provides its customers – clean floors. Not the machinery, the results. He trusted us and won a national advertising award in his industry as a result.

In fact, what’s often called “pre-visualization” is a skill that is one of the greatest assets available to you when you invite Jeff Behm Photography to work with you to achieve your advertising and marketing needs. For more, see:

Your trust is what we seek to earn.

What are your goals, and how can we help you reach them with quality photography?

And when all is said and done, we have a lot of fun


#food #jewelry #headshots #products


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Three Gourmet Burgers

People and Products

Food, jewelry and headshots are my specialty – what I do – and have done for 38 years now.   It’s work I value and think about constantly.  How to improve, how to innovate, how to you “Wow” as my client, and more importantly, how to “Wow” your clients!

Gold Lune

Recent posts here have been about the tools I use.  It’s time to focus now on what those tools are used to create.  And, since Food, Jewelry, Corporate Headshots and Products are what I’m most often asked to do, that’s what this post, first in a series, is about. 

Medispec, Gaithersburg, MD.
Patient for lithotripsy

Work in photography has led to travel around the United Staters, Canada and the UK to meet the needs of clients; from more regionally headquartered, like My Chicago Steak Company, Dominion Jewelers, Johns Hopkins, Kaiser-Permanente, Medispec, RoosterBio and iHire, to national and multinational firms like Abicor Binzel, Praxair, Shenango Steel Buildings, Subway, Ellume and more.  Wherever the work takes us.

Call 724-730-8513 or email to discuss your needs. #food #jewelry #headshots #products

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Purely for Love of Photography

Corner of Second and Maxwell, Frederick, MD.

Every once in a while I walk the beautiful downtown of Frederick, Maryland – the city I call home – to create photography that is more personal, purely for enjoyment. Frederick is built for walking (must be due to it’s 277 year existence). The very first time I visited here, I was reminded of older European cities like Edinburgh, Lyon and Brussels. Montreal and Halifax in Canada also came to mind. All are walking cities I have enjoyed. When there, just as here, quality photography is the goal!

Second Street: Three Flags, Three Homes

Anyway, out I went in the middle of a hot, sunny Monday in August. Photography with the sun high in the sky is not ideal for a number of reasons, but it was the time I had, so I’d deal with it.

My professional work is almost exclusively products – things like electronics, machinery, jewelry and food plus corporate headshots and executive portraits. This kind of ‘seeing’ is a refreshing artistic change. No matter what the subject or motivation, quality is the goal!

On Second, looking east

I found what I wanted on Second Street, in the vicinity of St John’s Church, near the intersection of Second and Maxwell. Very glad I live here now, much as I miss western Pennsylvania.

Black & white is the bomb!

Jeff Behm Photography, with over 30 years of professional expertise, is headquartered in Frederick, MD, but travels wherever clients may need us.

Call 724-730-8513 or email NOW to learn how we can be of service to you.

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Commercially Playing with COLOR, part 2

Utilizing Dramatic Color

Utilize dramatic color in a commercial #photography assignment to draw attention!  These hooks themselves are glued to a large sheet of optical quality glass. The glass has then been thoroughly cleaned and mounted vertically between two light stands, 4 feet off the ground.   Five feet behind this assembly is a background of black seamless paper.  A blue Rosco gel in front of a powerful strobe with a grid spot has been aimed at exactly the right position on the background to emphasize the hooks and their features.  By using black seamless, more power is needed to create the proper blue, but it also produces a rich saturation with nice fall-off to the dark edges.

Next we lighted the hooks themselves so that they’re not just silhouettes against the blue. They need to show texture and detail. This requires careful placement of the lights to avoid reflections in the glass.  Since angle of incidence equals angle of reflectance, it’s realistic to expect that “what you see is what you get”  is in play here.   Some test shots were required to confirm that all was as expected, to refine the blue spot placement and the drape of the cords.   As is common in #advertising and #commercial photography, the conceptualizing, construction and checking took the most time, but the results were worth it.  The image was designed to sell thousands of these adjustable tie-downs. It was well worth the investment by the client.

Psychology of color

An interesting lesson learned early. Red attracts attention the most quickly, but then repels it most quickly. What a surprise that was! Blue attracts attention second, and very nearly as quickly, but retains attention longer than any other. Blue also suggests peace, water, tranquility, and reliability. Care to guess why we used blue in the ad above?

Green suggests health, tranquility, power and nature. The color is a reason this china is appealing, and why we used a rich green shining through the glass beads in the background.

Jeff Behm Photography is a professional photography service providing advertising imagery across two continents. Call 724-730-8513 to discuss your needs, visit or email

To see posts on #jewelry, #food, #product or #headshot photography visit or or

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Commercially Playing with COLOR!

This may not look like much to you now, but to this commercial photographer, it’s essential. If this kind of intense color or mixture of colors was important to your image, these color swatches provide you a hint of the degree to which we can control them. The top row runs from pastels that are still intensely colorful, to deep, saturated colors. It makes no difference what colored gels we choose, this degree of control is part of what we can provide for you.

Those middle and bottom rows demonstrate our control of the focus of the background from highly blurred to nearly focused, whether at an angle, like the middle, straight or something else entirely.


Want near nuclear neon color? We can do that. Want something a little more subdued? We can do that, too. Want a mix of your corporate colors? Sure thing. Want a clean look or a little down and dirty or scruffy? Yeah. That too. Want to learn more? Visit

The purpose is control.  Making my living as an adverstising and commercial photographer  demands rigorous control of the technical, as well as artistic flare.  Look for more along these lines in upcoming posts. 

Why all this talk about controlling the light in the background? Because in addition to your product, the setting is part of the appeal of an add. It may not be as obvious as what we’re showing here, but whether bold or subtle, hues and tones make your product stand out. Consult with us, we want you to be successful. #commercialphotography #advertising #food #jewelry

Call Jeff Behm Photography at 724-730-8513 – email us at or visit our web gallery for more at

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