Food Photography: How to get from Soup to Nuts or Truffles

Food photography - Amazing steak on bronze plate by Jeff Behm Photography in Frederick MD

Filet mignon in butter

Top quality food photography is the culmination of my years of training, plus passion.

As a former restaurant executive,  the very best in food quality has always been critical to me.  Quality food photography is the culmination of years of training and passion.  “People buy with their eyes” has never been more true than it is when we’re talking bout food.

From food packaging to print and magazine ads, from cocktails and appetizers to entrees and desserts, if you need a food photographer….call Jeff Behm Photography.  Put our team of expert photographer, stylists, and lighting professionals to work on your photographic needs for food and ambiance.   724-730-8513 or email

For more of what we provide, check our gallery and some of our other food related blog posts:

BBQ ribs food photography by Jeff Behm Photo Studio, serving Baltimore, Maryland, Northern Virginia and DC

Delicious BBQ ribs Kansas City style

When you’re looking for top quality food photography, look at the photographer’s portfolio.  Does the food look appetizing?  Does it look real?

Food photography of Ahi tuna with eggs tomato and peppers by Jeff Behm

A different tuna salad

If it’s true that people buy with their eyes, make sure your food photographer creates and captures that eye appeal.

Diver's scallops and dumplings by Jeff Behm Photography

Extraordinary Diver’s Scallops

Food photography of duck breast and pâté by Jeff Behm of Frederick MD

Incredible duck breast and pâté with cracked peppercorns

Mint julep with lime by food photographer Jeff Behm of Frederick MD

Summer julep

Pastrami in baguette by Food Photographer Jeff Behm

Incredible Pastrami sandwich by Jeff Behm food photography

Food photography - cheese cakes by Jeff Behm Photography Frederick MD

Overhead view of assorted delicious cheesecakes

Food Photography Ice cream cones for Joy Cones product packaging by Jeff Behm of Frederick

Product packaging photo of waffle cones by Jeff Behm Photography

Food photography of wines for restaurants by Jeff Behm Photography, Frederick

Wines to enhance the dining experience

Assorted of chocolate truffles - Food photography by Jeff Behm

Chocolate Truffle delight

Chocolate truffle solo by Jeff Behm Photography, Frederick MD

Single Chocolate Truffle

Incredible desert photo by photographer Jeff Behm

Bread pudding and toasted marshmallow with ice cream by Jeff Behm Photography

Chocolate cupcake with butter cream icing by Jeff Behm Photography

Gourmet Cupcakes – the perfect party specialty

See more gorgeous food photography and our gallery at

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Bringing cliches to life for your benefit!

There’s a saying in sales to “Sell the sizzle, not the steak.”  That’s a maxim I try to remember whenever talking with a client about advertising photography. Then remember again when actually creating their images.

This Sizzle is Literal

Another cliche is “A picture is worth a thousand words” which, if true, means that a photograph must pack serious power.

The Sizzle Here is in the Warm Ambiance and Color

As an example of selling the sizzle, consider a photograph I created several years ago for the R.E. Whittaker Company of New Castle, PA.   The company makes industrial floor and carpet cleaners and has a national reputation for excellent equipment.  Their gear performs the job of cleaning very well and has many attachments, making it versatile, as well.

I had already been creating standard catalog photographs for them for a few years when Mr. Whittaker asked about creating a new cover photograph for their upcoming ad campaign and product catalog.  It suddenly struck me that the glorified product photo we were discussing was merely another catalog shot, just beautified and not as impactful as it could be.

Summoning my courage I said, “Your clients don’t buy your machines just to own your machines.”  (the steak)

Surprised, he asked, “What do you mean?”.

“They buy them so they can have clean floors!” I replied.  (the sizzle) “I want to design a photograph to demonstrate what they’ll get if they buy your equipment.” 

The Sizzle is in the Benefit to the Client!

To my relief and excitement, Whittaker took the risk, trusted me, and commissioned exaclty that! 

My team and I built a set in a warehouse in New Castle, laying down a 20×24 ft subfloor, topped by a section of carpet, dirtying the carpet up, and then making half of it sparkling clean as a demonstration of the equipment’s abilities.  I photographed the set from a JLG high-lift about 30 feet overhead.

The R.E. Whittaker company won a national marketing award from their professional association for that advertising image, because it spoke to viewers in a new way, breaking the boundaries for that industry’s imagery.  In other words, it had sizzle!

To see how Jeff Behm Photography adds sizzle to your advertising, visit “Food” in the Blog Menu at the top of the page. Or visit

To discuss your advertising photography and how to find your sizzle, call Jeff Behm Photography at 724-730-8513, or email  By all means, please review the work we’ve done for others at


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The Move From Photographing Trolley Cars to Baguettes.

I am amazed that a photographer who used to shoot railroad cars ended up photographing food and jewelry!

The Galveston Trolley

I started this business thirty-nine years ago, when heavy industry was all around us in far western Pennsylvania.  My family and I lived 50 miles north of Pittsburgh, in the heart of the nation’s industrial might. 

Steel and Items Made From Steel Were King!

I photographed for steel mills and billion-dollar manufacturers – companies like Trinity Rail Inc, Werner Ladders, Lockley Manufacturing, Miner Rail, Rockwell Axle, and many more like them.  My subject matter was railroad cars, trolleys, molten steel, and military hardware.

In Search of the Wild Baguette!

Throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s the passage of NAFTA created the exodus of our region’s manufacturing to other nations. This enhanced corporate profits at the expense of an entire region of the US.  Rather than leave the work I love I switched markets from industrial to small products and food.  I downsized from a huge commercial studio to one more in keeping with the change in required space.  Additionally, I changed work processes to a scale that didn’t involve a truckload of lighting gear to illuminate huge warehouses. Changed to a flow in keeping with smaller products; work that takes place on tables.

Accordingly, by 2010 the ripple effect of job loss and reduced income for those who remained in my old region, I chose to look elsewhere to continue in my chosen field.  As a result of NAFTA, the area in which I was located is now one of the most economically deprived in all of Pennsylvania.

Fortunately, I had by now, gained substantial experience in photographing food and jewelry. My work has always included corporate headshots and executive portraiture.  Therefore, I was ready when the opportunity came to move to Frederick in late 2010. I took the risk, and here I remain.  Now, food, jewelry, and corporate portraiture are the primary markets I pursue, plus corporate events and small products like clothing or electronics.

Raisin Nut Bread
Ring Extravaganza

To see the value I bring to your company’s needs, large or small, visit my gallery at, email, or call 724-730-8513

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Business: That Client Connection Brings Them In

Maybe that title should be “you to them”, or “you to your clients” but frankly, I just don’t think
“YOU to Them Headshots” reads as well as that bright red “Us to You”.

However it reads, what you want is to make certain your business image creates a strong,
positive first impression of you! “Strong and positive” enables trust, and trust drives business.
That’s where WE can help YOU!

Essential Components of your Client Connection

Classic or Contemporary 
What you want your image to say about you, with an assist from our experience 

Advance planning, your session, and standard retouching included

Photographs on your schedule and in your chosen location

Cost Effective
That all-important, priceless first impression is the principal value of a quality portrait Connection

Humorous or Serious? You decide.

Location or Studio? What works for you works for us.

Casual or glamorous? Absolutely!

You know the cliche, “A picture’s with a thousand words”?  If there wasn’t some truth to it, it wouldn’t be repeated so often.  You want this to be true! We make it true. We create business portraits that speak to your clients and prospects about who you are and what you bring to the table.

Call Jeff Behm Photography at 724-730-8513 or email Visit us at

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Business Portraits – More Than Meets the Eye

“Make certain your image creates a strong, positive first impression on your behalf!”

There’s more than a cliche in that statement. The common phrase “headshot” or “head shot” is your online introduction to new contacts in business.  Consider it to be what it is – a business portrait to ensure a good first impression.

Creating the proper business portrait is about a lot more than the equipment used.  It’s about the skill of the photographer to present YOU to those who’ll see you in a manner that they’ll remember positively.  We at Jeff Behm Photography are experienced in how to help you make that positive impact.

Call today to make that strong, positive statement!  724-730-8513 or email

Visit our headshot gallery at or additional business portraits at

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What do you sell? Great! We Photograph That!

Act NOW! Extraordinary photography for extraordinary products and services

Want to see more? Browse our gallery at or Instagram at

Food and jewelry are the kinds of products for which we’re best known. But sailboats, trolly cars, military hardware, furniture and train cars are among the products we have successfully photographed for clients around the US, Canada and the UK.

#advertising #food #jewelry #product

Call today! 724-730-8513 or email jeff@jeffjeffbehm-com

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Jewelry: in focus, front to back

Necklace with precious stones

Gemstone necklace, sharply in focus front to back

When choosing your photographer, you want to know whether you can specify sharpness of the jewelry from front to back. The nature of closeup macro photography used in jewelry determines that depth of field in one exposure isn’t usually likely. And, sometimes it’s not necessary or desired. But when it is, you want to know your photographer can deliver. At Jeff Behm Photography, we deliver! We are masters at capturing your jewelry. Our refined techniques with focus stacking, tilt-shift lenses, proper exposure and accurate color balance are all part of the package. For more jewelry by Jeff Behm Photography, see: Or, visit our Jewelry heading in this blog:

Left, sharp front to back. Right, soft focus back. Tell us what serves your jewelry best

Our 39 years of experience photographing jewelry, products, food and business leaders is always available to you, wherever needed. Ask us! We can definitely come to you. Located in Frederick, MD, our clients have taken us to Europe, Canada and 48 states.


Call Jeff Behm Photography at 724-730-8513 or email

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Sometimes You Just Need a Great Steak!

Want to be irresistible?

I can’t help it.  A great steak like this Filet Mignon for Chicago Steak Company makes me hungry.
Please note, this is a skill we can bring to your products, whatever they are! Jewelry, food, products small and large, executive portraits of yourself or your staff…this is what we offer you. See for more. #food #jewelry #headshots #products

Making mouths water with great photography! That’s our job.

Call Jeff Behm Photography today at 724-730-8513 or email Enhance your company’s marketing efforts.

Cover photo for a catalog of china patterns
Woodmere Catalog
Personal Use Items
Medispec Lithotripsy System
Gold medal winning
Box Photos for Joy Cone Company
Asian woman scientist with microscopes
Scientist with Microscopes
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We Are a Team

Tomahawk Rib Eye Steak

In writing about what Jeff Behm Photography can do for your marketing, I never want to leave the impression that this is all down to one person.  We are a team and we collaborate well.  That’s another benefit to you as a client; collaborative efforts bring greater variety of thought and expand the visual horizons of your marketing efforts.

White Gold Interlocked Carabiners

We Are Professionals

Planning, previsualizing, production meetings, location scouting when needed, preparing you and your people for the photographic event –  all of these are skills we provide when you choose Jeff Behm Photography.

Our skill with Jewelry Photography includes sharp focus front to back if you choose

We Offer a Broad Spectrum of Services

Photography, graphic design and printing are all available through us.  Printing and design are services in addition to photography that we’ve provided for over 30 years.  Ask us, we’ll be glad to work with you on these as well. Our recently completed tri-fold flier for Perfect Truffle is just one example.

#food #jewelry #headshots #products

Take your commercial photography and ad needs to the next level. Email today.

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Standing ring collection
These rings and their arrangement didn’t just “happen”. Neither should your imagery.

Work as a “turn around specialist”

Long ago, I worked as a corporate problem solver, or turn around specialist, sent in to manage operations in disarray and bring them into line with corporate goals. That collection of rings, above, is just one way to apply the same skills to imagining your photography.

On the surface, photography appears to be very unlike those days steering hundreds of people into the path our employer desired. Yet the skill set of creative thinking, tenacity, patience, innovation, communication, observation and education remains with me today.

The CEO of R. E. Whittaker, Inc. could not conceive of what I was describing until I asked my then-resident artist draw a sketch of what I envisioned. That carpet being cleaned (left) is on a floor we built specifically for this photograph of the real product the company provides its customers – clean floors. Not the machinery, the results. He trusted us and won a national advertising award in his industry as a result.

In fact, what’s often called “pre-visualization” is a skill that is one of the greatest assets available to you when you invite Jeff Behm Photography to work with you to achieve your advertising and marketing needs. For more, see:

Your trust is what we seek to earn.

What are your goals, and how can we help you reach them with quality photography?

And when all is said and done, we have a lot of fun


#food #jewelry #headshots #products


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Three Gourmet Burgers

Great People and Product Photos

Food, jewelry and headshots are my specialty – what I do – and have done for 39 years now.   It’s work I value and think about constantly.  How to improve, how to innovate, how to you “Wow” as my client, and more importantly, how to “Wow” your clients!

Gold Lune

Recent posts here have been about the tools I use.  It’s time to focus now on what those tools are used to create.  And, since Food, Jewelry, Corporate Headshots and Products are what I’m most often asked to do, that’s what this post, first in a series, is about. 

Medispec, Gaithersburg, MD.
Patient for lithotripsy

Work in photography has led to travel around the United Staters, Canada and the UK to meet the needs of clients; from more regionally headquartered, like My Chicago Steak Company, Dominion Jewelers, Johns Hopkins, Kaiser-Permanente, Medispec, RoosterBio and iHire, to national and multinational firms like Abicor Binzel, Praxair, Shenango Steel Buildings, Subway, Ellume and more.  Wherever the work takes us.

Call 724-730-8513 or email to discuss your needs. #food #jewelry #headshots #products

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My Passions Play Out in Different Ways

Why write about this topic?  Perhaps it’s so you know a little more about me.  That can help build trust.  Trust is essential when making a decision to invest in photography, whether it’s for business or your family.  The possible questions and back-of-mind reservations are too numerous to list, and I have to recognize that they do exist.  Letting you become more comfortable with who I am, who and what I love and what I provide to you can’t hurt. Take a look at some of these blog posts for more.

Just a teaser – a collision of two passions in one photograph

Numbers can help.  Numbers like “approaching my 40th year in this business”.  Details like having photographed assignments from Texas to Nova Scotia to Great Britain can help, too.

Lists of impressive clients certainly help, so here are a few:  RoosterBio, GPI/Greenman-Pedersen Inc., Praxair, Joy Ice Cream Cones, Werner Ladders, Trinity Industries, Inc., Lowe’s Home Improvement, 84 Lumber, plus magazines like TIME, Cheers, Appalachian Magazine, Pittsburgh Magazine, DRY Fashion and more.

Those are just details, but the topic is passions, or what I love, so here they are, from number one to number three.  

The essential people

First is family.  My three children, Chris, Julianne and Nathan, and their families, including  granddaughters Lilly and Maddy, Nathan’s bride Annie, and Chris’s fiance Tasha (not pictured).  While this family portrait was completely spur-of-the-moment on Memorial Day weekend, knowing how to deal with the incredibly bright sun in a cloudless sky made all the difference. That’s in your favor when I’m working for you.

My current working kit. Small, light, fast. Plus a lot of lenses and lights

The second is photography.  Photography has never been far from my mind since the time my former wife, Judy, and I gifted ourselves a decent 35mm camera for our first anniversary.  Six years later I was working evenings and weekends as a photographer, and a year after that had gone full-time.   Visit to decide for yourself how it’s been going since.

One of the tremendous Taylor Guitars, and a joy to play

Third on the list of driving motivations, or passions, is music.  This includes the music that I play and write on guitar, the music I listen to for relaxation and while driving, and the music I was involved in just out of college when I worked as a sound engineer or stage manager for bands traveling the world.

All of these are phenomenal additions to my life and the roots to quality of life as I see it.  I am forever grateful to be able to know and appreciate these facts. 

Put my passion to work for your passion. Call 724-730-8513 now!

By the way, that western PA phone number traveled with me from there to Frederick, because it’s the number that clients from there still use to engage me.  So don’t be concerned about location.  I’m right in the Frederick area, and still traveling wherever clients need me.

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You want a custom look for your headshot?  NO PROBLEM!

Now, honestly, I realize this slogan is a stre-e-etch.  I mean, “US to YOU” cleverly hidden as red letters in a phrase that otherise is all black letters? It’s just plain silly.

But being silly doesn’t matter as much as whether you stop to look.  Because we absolutely can and will customize your headshots!  Because we want to help you connect your true self to your clients and prospects.



Rather than this.

WHAT?!? You say you don’t want a conventional gray, white, or black background?  How about your office? Or your garden at home?  Or a park, city street, or building?  GREAT!  We can do that, too!

There is nothing wrong with going with the traditional if it fits your needs. But when the traditional doesn’t fit you what can you do?

Call Jeff Behm Photography — 724-730-8513 or email:

Please visit our gallery at: or see other headshot blog posts at

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Don’t Get Smoked!  Save BIG!

In honor of the current Air (lack of) Quality rating of 178 – a Code Purple warning that it feels like they made up because Red wasn’t bad enough – I’m running a “Don’t get Smoked” sale.

Not a fire sale, that’s waaaay different. 

Just to be sure you can get here safely, call for the special starting today June 8, but appointments start next week, Monday, June 12, after the smoke has had plenty of time to pass.

SAVE $75.00!!  Normal rates for headshots start at $325 in-studio, but starting now, don’t get smoked!  Call between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM Monday through Friday to schedule in-studio appointments from June 12 through June 30 and save $75.

Contact us now at 724-730-8513 or email to make your appointment!

To sum up:

  • Call or email starting today, June 8 for appointments Monday – Friday for all of June.
  • This promotion is for headshots used by business people, actors, musicians, and influencers
  • Includes one outfit, photos from multiple angles, and includes your favorite two, retouched 
  • Terms are $150 retainer to reserve your appointment; the balance due at time of photography

But wait!!! There’s MORE!! 

Headshots on location have a higher fee due to higher costs of production as computed according to distance and other factors.  BUT!  Call now and save $75 off location headshots, too!

Feel free to visit our website at .  Look through the galleries of food, jewelry and headshots we create regularly, and join us! Call 724-730-8513 and DON’T GET SMOKED! Or, email jeff@jeffjeffbehm-com

For more, go to:

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On the Set for Commercials

These images are from a commercial video for a client, for which I was the stills photographer.

Not every food photography assignment provides me with the control to which I’m accustomed  on the set.  Sometimes, as with these images created during the making of a commercial for Chicago Steak Company, I’m second fiddle to the videographer.  In that scenario, my lighting equipment would be a huge intrusion, destructive to the primary purpose: video.  In those cases, I work with the lighting the video team has in place. 

Normally I use large powerful studio strobes rather than what’s known as “continuous light” such as is used for video.   The advantages of such powerful strobes (think “flash”) allow me to use a lower ISO, a smaller aperture and faster shutter speeds, all of which add up to the finest quality still images for advertising.

For prompt response, call 724-730-8513 or email

Delicious Bone-in Ribeye Steak

With flash, especially on location, it can be a challenge to see how balanced the actual exposure will be, due to differences in the power of the strobe’s modeling light or even the absence of modeling lights.  In circumstances where you can’t really see the cumulative effect, it’s important that I know how to use a manual meter and my experience to balance the actual power of the several lights affecting the subject.  Of course, this is always followed by testing before the final exposure.

Without a doubt, lighting with strobes suits my preferred work flow

Filet Mignon, Lit with Strobes

By comparison, the advantage of seeing exactly what I’m getting with continuous lighting before the shutter is tripped isn’t sufficient to offset the disadvantages of shallow depth of focus, slow shutter speeds and high ISO (more “noise”) to make me change the processes I’ve learned and refined for nearly 40 years.  All of which are geared toward providing clients with what my motto promises: 

Only the Best Will Do.

Call for details on how Jeff Behm Photography can meet your needs for the best in advertising images. Call 724-730-8513, email and visit to see more.

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