Profession Obsession Confession

Photography consumes my attention in ways that astonish me!

Eventually, most of us want to find work that pleases us, makes us feel good in the doing and, hopefully, that other people appreciate.

I wake up every day grateful to realize that I’m especially blessed to make my living in photography, an art form that consumed me from the start.  The first time I had the opportunity to use our Minolta SRT 202, back in film days, I was hooked.  It was a superb camera, nearly pro quality;  a gift we made to ourselves on our first anniversary.

Almost immediately photography consumed my attention in ways that astonished me, and probably created unrecognized barriers for family and friends.  I could barely think about my “day-job”, thinking instead about images I’d either made, or was planning.

A darkroom for film development and printing was soon built in the basement.  After work I’d spend countless hours developing film or prints or reading up on how to improve.  It kept me awake terribly late most nights; an obsession rivaled only by my love of music and playing guitar.

Fast forward over many decades and it is still the number one recipient of my waking hours’ attention.  The subjects have changed over the decades, but the desire is strong as ever.   I do, though, still play guitar!



Jeff Behm Photography, located in Frederick, MD., serving the greater Washington DC-Baltimore-Frederick region with outstanding advertising and commercial photography.  Call 724-730-8513 or email

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Hurricane Florence Stops off at Breezewood, PA

At 5:00 in the afternoon, it felt like evening had already fallen

When Hurricane Florence began to move north, I was in western Pennsylvania, visiting family.  The weekend had consisted of two glorious, breezy, cool and sunny days with white puffy clouds.  Florence’s first day on scene was announced with a deluge, beginning around 2:00 PM Monday, Sept 17.  That just happened to coincide with my planned return trip to Frederick, MD, my home the past 8 years.

For 30 miles the rain on I-79 was horrible, reducing speeds to 30 mph and blinding drivers not only with the downpour, but the inevitable spray created by traffic.  Spin-outs from hydro-planing began to appear in the grassy shoulders and median strips, so rain-soaked that cars sank into the mud.  Well built and maintained as they are, the roads simply could not shed water quickly enough to keep rivulets from forming.  Twice I felt my car begin to hydro-plane as I tried to stay with traffic. Proceeding as slowly as I could and still stay with the flow, I began to seriously consider turning back, concerned that these might be the conditions for the entire 260 mile drive, half of it on the PA Turnpike; a most daunting proposition!

I determined that I would make the go-or-stay  decision at the Cranberry exit, where I-79 meets the Turnpike.  Miraculously, the skies cleared completely just before that interchange.  Checking weather conditions, it looked as though it was almost completely clear between Cranberry and Breezewood, where I-70 heads southeast for Frederick and Baltimore. Go for it!

Most of the drive was amazingly clear and often gorgeous, except for 3-4 sections where bands of heavy rain existed for 5-10 mile stretches. I was delivered to Breezewood in longer than usual time, but safely .  It was the perfect time to stop for coffee and a break.

This was where I had time to look around at the remarkable weather conditions that were beginning to manifest in the mountains surrounding Breezewood – just before rain, fog and wind reasserted dominance for another 20 miles.

In this photo, the mountains are almost completely obscured by heavy rain clouds extending nearly to the ground.  At 5:00 in the afternoon, it felt like evening had already fallen, though sunset was officially 2.5 hours away.  Within minutes of leaving here, I-70 East toward Frederick was completely fogged in, making the passage over the mountain at Town Hill much more exciting!

Jeff Behm is a commercial and advertising photographer serving corporate clients across the USA.  Specialities are food, jewelry and executive portraits/headshots.  Call 724-730-8513 to see how we can help you in your imaging needs.

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The Critical Importance of Your Business Portrait

In speaking with clients about food photography, I often use the phrase “People buy with their eyes”.  The same is true for business portraits, or headshots.   How you present yourself to your clients – your corporate public image – is just as critical.   Direct eye contact, a degree of approachability,  the communication of competence and an uncluttered presentation all assist in attracting prospects, no matter what your field.  The portraits above, recently completed for a major firm in Washington DC, are a reflection of one approach.  There are many more approaches, as you can see at

As a photographer who specializes in food, jewelry and business portraits (executive portraits or headshots) it is my total commitment to bring out the very best in you.  No matter what your business is, a great headshot is an investment that pays off, big time.  Jeff Behm Photography, local to Frederick, serving the greater Baltimore/Washington DC/Frederick MD region.

Call 724-730-8513 or email to learn more

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When You Need a Headshot

Visit our Head Shot Gallery

Remember, professionals thinking about hiring you want to see that you care about how you present yourself.  That first impression reflects on your respect and concern for them.

Anything less can damage your chances.

Are you planning for a new headshot because….

  1. Using a “selfie” or phone photo for your “professional” headshot hurts your credibility?
  2. You’re on a job search or updating your resume?
  3. Your employer told you to “get something professional” in a head-shot?
  4. You’ve made significant changes and want your photograph to reflect the new you?
  5. You’re an employer looking for a photographer who has the experience to come in and take care of it all for you – on site, on time, on budget and with the least possible interruption to your productivity, whether    it’s for 2 people or 200?
  6. You are an actor, model or entertainer in need of head shots for booking and talent agents?

Talk with us.  No obligation, free assistance.

Best reason first: Looking your best is good for you. That’s good for both of us.

We can schedule to meet your needs, whether that be at our Frederick space, your company or another location, indoors or out, local or regional.

You will be speaking with the person who will photograph you, and everything you see here is his work.  Zero bait and switch.

We include an advance visit to your business to scout for the best, most efficient location and means to meet your needs.

Ask for our free:

  1. “Style Sheet” to help you choose and to tell us clearly what look you want
  2. Planning guide on how to look your best and enhance your results.
  3. Input as you decide which style best suits your goals.

To learn more about how we can assist you in looking your best, email with your questions or concerns.

With over 30 years experience in this field, we at Jeff Behm Photography want to be of maximum service to you.

Again, that’s :

When Only the Best Will Do – Headshots by Jeff Behm Photography



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Jewelry and a Photographic Passion


Jewelry photography is a passion with no logical explanation


I really have no idea why that might be the case, except I appreciate the combination of delicate art and beautiful stones.  


My start in photographing jewelry comes from my association with King’s Jewelry, a chain headquartered in New Castle, PA. where I was located for the first quarter century of my business, before relocating to Frederick, MD. in 2010.  Since then there have been many notables, including Dominion Jewelers and Vortex 13, DaLori and others.

New Castle is as close to Pittsburgh as Frederick is to Washington DC and Baltimore, so it was a convenient blend of city access and country quality of life, being more rural, just as Frederick is. But nothing in Pittsburgh was as convenient as King’s main office being right next door, both literally and figuratively.

Out of that association so many years ago, grew my appreciation both for the the difficulty of fine photography of jewelry and gems, and for the beauty that is achievable.  Doing that beauty justice is my constant goal.

Thanks as always to Jessica Stoddard for her able and patient assistance on this assignment.

“Only the Best will Do” is my company motto, and it is never more true than when it comes to the fine art of photographing jewelry!  

Call 724-730-8513 to discuss your needs, or email me at

Only the Best Will Do

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