Gearing up for the coming year

The Style Sheet simplifies communication

In the time between Christmas and New Years, when photographers take a breath before launching into the next year, we often revamp  our marketing efforts.  Informing prospective clients how we can benefit them is an essential part of that.

The phrase “Gearing up for the coming year” reminds me that part of our skillset at Jeff Behm Photography is clarifying communication with our clients in order to KNOW we’re on the same page.  How do you describe to a photographer what you want your company’s headshots to look like? Especially if you want to change them from what you’ve done for years.  It doesn’t help much to say, “Not like those.”

Thankfully, at Jeff Behm Photography, we provide you with direct references to make accurate communication easy by sending you our Style Sheet.  That way, when you ask for #7 or The Hollywood, or any of the 8 styles on the sheet, we are both on the same page.

Next: Our “Preparation for Your Headshots” planning sheet.    

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From Here to There: Food Photography Behind the Scenes

Incredibly good burgers

Getting “there” is a process, possibly beginning weeks in advance

With over a decade in large corporate restaurant management before changing careers, it doesn’t surprise me that food photography is a premier service of my business.  In the restaurant business I was taught that “People buy with their eyes”, meaning presentation and plate appeal are critical components to a successful restaurant.

Beautiful Filet Mignon

We provide clients with award winning images that exceed the ordinary and encourage customers to patronize client restaurants and food services with confidence.

Some fruits of the sea

Obviously there’s a lot of planning that goes into this kind of work. It starts way before we get to the photography stage. 

Here’s a little behind the scenes look at one food session for Chicago Steak Company.  It’s a combination of fantastic lighting, styling and design, all of which means we have great, talented people working on the project.  Thanks to regular collaborators Sam Levitan, Rebecca Mitchell and Jessica Patterson as well as food stylist Harry McMann, and to Chicago Steak Company’s Mattie Nash.

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What Do You Love to Create? Yep. We Photograph That.

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Food and jewelry are the products for which we’re best known

But sailboats, trolly cars, military hardware, furniture and train cars are among the products we have successfully photographed for clients around the US, Canada and the UK.

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Don’t Let Poor Imagery Drive Your Marketing! We Can Help!

Together, we can better move your clientele in your direction!

Yourself, your staff, your expertise, your relationships – in other words, the people you rely upon. If these are important to your marketing and your business success, don’t let subpar photographs speak for you. You’ve invested money in your website, now use the best possible images to drive your message home.

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Only the Best Will Do!

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A Plug for My Home City, Frederick MD

One of my favorite things about Frederick, the second largest city in Maryland, is that it behaves and feels much more like a town. A large town, to be sure, but with the parks, restaurants, galleries and financial resources of a city.

For example: just yesterday, Thursday, September 29 there was a city sponsored, regular event called Alive at 5. This concert series takes place on Carroll Creek Park as it runs through the heart of town. It’s a great walking park with bridges, the creek, gardens, benches and a small amphitheater built right into it. There are numerous restaurants and shops plus the city’s library on the north side. Plus, attractive apartments/condos on the south side of the creek.

For those wishing to be in the south side amphitheater directly in front of the band and surrounded by the various vendors, there’s a $5 fee. The line to get in at 5pm was as long as the long side of a city block, but moving quickly.

For families with young kids with short attention spans, or for people not interested in being in the thick of it, the north side is completely open and free, as are the bridges over the creek, bracketing the amphitheater. The entertainment is every bit as enjoyable, no matter which side. It’s a fantastic arrangement, and Fredrickians can be proud of the park and the programs offered.

Look through them, you may see see someone you know. Or, even yourself!

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When YOUR Image Means Everything!

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