Project Management, Troubleshooting and Photography

There have been many interesting assignments arising out of my work in commercial and advertising photography. 

With over 30 years at this, big projects have been part and parcel of what I enjoy.  That includes having built 6 foot wide by 20 feet long running water streams in my studio complete with stony banks for realism, constructing and painting sets,  receiving and sorting hundreds of ice cream cones in search of the perfect cone for each of a half dozen types for packaging for Joy Cones; check your grocer’s shelves. Plus, there are so many more!

  • Military contractors/manufacturers 
  • Medical implement manufacturers
  • Advanced scientific experiments designed to rid the US of VX nerve gas 
  • Intimate looks at how railroad cars are built 
  • Sailboats for Snark, the world’s largest maker of sailboats, for use in the Sears catalog
  • Ice cream cones
  • Restaurant chains
  • Beauty shots and documentary photography of the creation of the Galveston Island Trolleys (a 6 month project)
Our subjects include medical equipment, food, trolleys and so much more

We’re also no stranger to longer term assignments, like the months-long Galveston Island Trolley, for example. We created photographic and video records of its construction for maintenance use, as well as the final beauty shots for marketing. Another interesting assignment was four days of photography with a team of 5 for Rooster Bio, a world leader in products for growth of Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cells and Extracellular Vesicles for the regenerative medicine field.

The Rooster Bio project was a complex assignment.  Before we could begin photography, it had a lot of moving parts, and required several meetings over a period of weeks in order to plan and schedule everything necessary for a successful completion of the project.  

Founder, Jon Rowley, PhD.
Jon Rowley with Alan Key quote
Margot Connor
CEO Margot Connor in office

With the guidance of the RBI marketing team including, Bryce Goodman, Tom Curtis, and Sandy Applebee we essentially storyboarded every aspect of more than a half dozen facets to the project, which ranged from executive portraits to headshots in a number of different milieus, to facilities photos, lab technology, products, procedures, researchers, executive and administrative team interactions to rotating turntable photography with as many as 45 fames each in order to create 360 degree GIFs.  Once we had a framework for the project, we were able to see that it would require 4 days of photography and a team of 4 to 5 in order to accomplish everything, plus a makeup artist for 2.5 days.  Many thanks to the team of Sam, Jessica, Chrissy and Sarah, plus hair and makeup, Julia.

“Jeff paid careful attention to planning and to his work to ensure the success of our project.  He is particularly adept in the use of specialized lighting techniques.  We enjoyed working with the team at Jeff Behm Photography.”

-Tom Curtis, Director of Marketing

Margot and Jon brainstorming
Jon Rowley presentation
A presentation in the Commons and meeting space
The Rooster Bio meeting space
Overview of the Rooster Bio Common Area and meeting space

It’s projects like these that lead me to think of what we do at Jeff Behm Photography as ‘corporate imaging problem solving’.   I love it!

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