Great Photograph for Manitowoc and National Crane

From 60 Feet Up For the Proper Downward Perspective

Be Prepared!  

I first learned “Be Prepared” at age 12. Whether it’s Scouting, traveling, fishing, taking kids out for a day trip or doing the laundry, be prepared is part of my make-up.

In my commercial photography business there is a LOT for which we prepare on every assignment. We use checklists. Choices in camera bodies and lenses impact results.  We charge batteries, pack memory cards, camera straps, spare batteries and chargers, iPads, laptops and their chargers, lights, stands, tripods, batteries for the lights, light modifiers, tethering tools The list is multiple pages in length.

National Crane with Linewise Triple Line Lifter

In spite of extensive preparation, a software bug got automatically loaded to both my iPads.  I NEVER allow auto updates of important software, preferring to manually update on my terms, and certainly never before a critical assignment.  Afterwards?  Maybe.  Depending upon what bug reports I find online.

This one time, for some reason, the software auto loaded the night before this session and it had a bug. As a result, none of my cameras could talk with either iPad.  Talk about breaking out in a cold sweat!

Fortunately Rebecca Mitchell and Sam Levitan are a great team!   We recovered quickly. Sam was the digital tech on this assignment. I don’t believe he ever goes anywhere without a good camera and kit. In this case, he not only had his Nikon Z6 II with him, but his own iPad, too, which fortunately had not been updated.  Thank goodness Sam believes in preparation, too!

Fully Extended Linewise

Even through these crazy difficulties we created great images for the people of Manitowoc and National Cranes.

As Jack Youngblood once said, “Good luck is the residue of preparation”. 

P.S. The very day of this session, the company whose software was at issue sent out a warning not to use it.  Too late in my case, but by the next day they had talked me through fixing the problem. That’s service I can respect.

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