On the Set for Commercials

These images are from a commercial video for a client, for which I was the stills photographer.

Not every food photography assignment provides me with the control to which I’m accustomed  on the set.  Sometimes, as with these images created during the making of a commercial for Chicago Steak Company, I’m second fiddle to the videographer.  In that scenario, my lighting equipment would be a huge intrusion, destructive to the primary purpose: video.  In those cases, I work with the lighting the video team has in place. 

Normally I use large powerful studio strobes rather than what’s known as “continuous light” such as is used for video.   The advantages of such powerful strobes (think “flash”) allow me to use a lower ISO, a smaller aperture and faster shutter speeds, all of which add up to the finest quality still images for advertising.

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Delicious Bone-in Ribeye Steak

With flash, especially on location, it can be a challenge to see how balanced the actual exposure will be, due to differences in the power of the strobe’s modeling light or even the absence of modeling lights.  In circumstances where you can’t really see the cumulative effect, it’s important that I know how to use a manual meter and my experience to balance the actual power of the several lights affecting the subject.  Of course, this is always followed by testing before the final exposure.

Without a doubt, lighting with strobes suits my preferred work flow

Filet Mignon, Lit with Strobes

By comparison, the advantage of seeing exactly what I’m getting with continuous lighting before the shutter is tripped isn’t sufficient to offset the disadvantages of shallow depth of focus, slow shutter speeds and high ISO (more “noise”) to make me change the processes I’ve learned and refined for nearly 40 years.  All of which are geared toward providing clients with what my motto promises: 

Only the Best Will Do.

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