Jewelry Photography and a Hot Rock

Stack focusing of jewelry photography results in sharper images throughout

It seems that lately I’ve written a fair amount about how much I like jewelry photography. It is, without a doubt, one of my favorite photographic subjects. The detail in the metals, the exquisite gem stones, the unadulterated beauty of fine jewelry…these appeal to me as sculptural art in miniature.

At some point in human pre-history, a sharp observer noticed that some stones used in making a fire pit actually melted, and that what was left after cooling could be bent or pounded into other shapes. Probably the first uses were in the making of weapons, but I imagine that soon after weapons, came ornaments. Brass, bronze, gold and silver armbands, rings, earrings, headpieces and buttons go back to ancient times.

Probably even before that occurred, other humans had found certain stones in streams that were in fact, very pretty when polished.

Perhaps it was the artisans who made arrow heads, spear heads and flint knives by chipping at them until sharp who found that some stones did not chip in ways useful for weapons. Instead, these chipped off in ways that revealed beautiful reflections, refractions and colors.

Inevitably someone – perhaps one of the craftsmen making weapons, perhaps a chieftain seeking something special to emphasize his importance or impress someone important to him – thought to combine the metal with the pretty stone, and jewelry was born.

Today, we have the culmination of thousands of years experience blending metal and stone into beautiful fine jewelry. I have found a certain reverence for the earliest attempts at this craft that informs my love for photographing today’s efforts.

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Silver pendant with colored stones
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