In the 3 years I’ve been blogging about photography – and more specifically, my career –  I may have been making a mistake; possibly a large one.  Too often, blog posts have been written from an artificial distance, as though written by another. That was how we were taught, once upon a time, but like lots of things, that changes.  Occasionally this wasn’t the case, but still, too often.

My guess?  A mixture of concerns drove this artifice, and just as probably, fear was behind it.  Fear of being seen as either :
A) that worst of American sins, bragging, or
B) distastefully too revealing (behind that last perhaps, the fear you wouldn’t like me if I let myself be known).

Epiphany!  In asking that you trust me to create your photography, I’m asking you to allow me to reveal you.   How do you trust me if I don’t reveal something of myself in exchange?

Mission statement:  From now on, I’ll write openly and in the first person about how much photography means to me as well as to society, and about passing on to others the love of the craft.  About the masters who influenced not just myself but the industry.  About how much more I have to learn, despite having been a full time professional for almost 30 years.  Years that include teaching and traveling 48 states, Canada and the UK in pursuit of images for clients and ultimately, for myself.

So.  Welcome to this more revealing and open blog about photography, motivation, sharing the love of photography with others through teaching, images created and how that was done.  Plus, discussion.  Use the comments section if you so desire.  Dialogue often brings about better understanding for all of us.

Jeff Behm Photography is a full service, professional photography operation, located in Frederick, MD., specializing in photographic problem solving in order to create images for use in advertising, communications and reports for business.

By communicating directly with you about your needs, what you wish to communicate and the kind of clientele you wish to reach, my decades of experience in image creation are at your disposal.

In addition to local firms, photography assignments around the western hemisphere for clients from San Diego to Halifax to London are part of the service.   Areas of specialty include product, aerial, food, executive portraiture and commercial photography at the highest levels.

For outstanding professional photography call today, 724-730-8513.

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