Thanksgiving, 2012

Thanksgiving Day here in the Frederick, Maryland, area was unbelievably beautiful, and not just weather-wise.  We spent it at daughter Julianne’s newly purchased home with her husband and daughter, her older brother Chris and the children’s mother, Judy.  Younger son Nathan remained in Charlotte, and celebrated with his peers in the physics department.  Hmmm, maybe I should ask him just how they cooked their turkey….

Anyway…Judy and Julianne were responsible for almost everything and it was just as delicious as yours was.

For those who know us, many Behms are notoriously carnivorous – but not all.  Ironically, this would have been a vegetarian Thanksgiving had I not been asked to take charge of the turkey.  It turned out great, complete with stuffing and gravy, but that’s not the point of this post.

I AM a photographer, after all.  No, there are no pictures of the turkey coming (none exist, lovely as it was).  This is about the trip up to Julianne’s with the turkey aboard, and what I saw on the way.  It’s frequently advised that one let’s a turkey “rest” after coming from the oven, and before carving.  My plan was that said rest would be the 20 minute drive.  Little could I have anticipated the lovely little light show Nature would arrange for the trip.

Along with the turkey in the car, fresh from the oven, was a venerable old Canon 20D for some family stuff as the day went along.  Attached was the now somewhat iffy 17-85 EF-S, a useful range of focal lengths for convenient shooting, though the lens is beginning to demonstrate the annoying “Err 99” that Canon users may be familiar with.  Still, as a personal use tool it’s OK.

Driving an old country road in western Maryland, I came to this fence around 3:30 PM.  The sun angle was very low, and the positions of fence, shadow and road was just too good to pass up. It’s almost an optical illusion.  I came over a slight hill, and there, in front of me was what looked like a three tire skid mark.  I had to stop.  Had to!

As for the “with the turkey” part, my daughter just looked at me knowingly.  She and her brothers were my test subjects for years, and I probably only looked right to them if there was a camera on my face.

By the way, if you’re having “Err 99” issues with a Canon EOS, feel free to email or call. There are numerous reasons behind this code, but in general, it’s Canon’s catch-all.  You can also Google it with Err 99 and your Canon model number in the search.

Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas, everyone.

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