Earning Client Trust

Exceed Client Expectations


There is nothing better in business than repeat clients who trust us to deliver high quality work on the budget to which we’ve both agreed.   As long as there’ve been no major changes to what was available to us in order to quote, these two – quality and budget –  are key elements in delineating true professionals in the business of photography, or any other business, for that matter.

In addition to those, of course, there are other major aspects to what we do, such as : the levels of service we can provide beyond the photography; bringing a positive, helpful attitude to bear on the project; and our ability to help the client plan.

This last, helping clients to plan, means “How well can we visualize in detail what is necessary in order to accomplish the client’s goals and then communicate with them in a manner that is clear and concise?”  Many aspects of what must be done are solely within the control of the client, but we are likely the only ones who know what these are and how to organize what’s needed.  If photographers can’t foresee these and describe them in a helpful way, it may have a negative impact on how successfully the original goals of quality and budget are met.

At Jeff Behm Photography, our 32 years of experience in creating advertising images for major clients in 48 states, Canada and Europe are always brought to your project.  By asking the right questions, we’re able to draw out the information necessary to make yours a successful photographic project.

These are from a recent effort on behalf of Medispec, a Gaithersburg, MD., based medical equipment company.  It is most practical for Robin Miller, Marketing Director for Medispec, to have us come to their facility to photograph the many different pieces of equipment needed for their ad campaigns.  Of course, they don’t have a white cyclorama – in photographic parlance, a cyc,  the all white surround seen here – so with the help of assistant Tim Jacobsen, we created a temporary one in their offices.  Just one of many services available through Jeff Behm Photography in pursuit of your satisfaction.

Providing Service, Positive Attitude and Quality to our Client is our Hallmark



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