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Headshots and Executive Portraits for Actors, Models, Musicians, Artists and Business Professionals

3648-eLet’s face it, most people, when they think of a headshot for their business, think of a specific look that they’ve seen a lot.  Essentially, the look associated with real estate, law, insurance or banker business cards.  Yes, those have to communicate a calm, professional and competent demeanor.  People’s savings, lives, liberty or largest purchases are usually involved, and looking too avant guard may not instill the confidence necessary to promote your business.  Face the fact: #141823;”>Selfies Do NOT communicate success, professionalism, profitability or experience.  Don’t confuse your client with the wrong subconscious message! 

For additional samples of what we can do for you, see our executive portraits gallery here, or visit the headshots sample page at this location. There is a difference.  Call 724-730-8513 to learn more about our fees and availability. (Don’t be concerned about the western PA phone number, I just take my cell phone everywhere.  I’m right in the Frederick area, traveling the country, but with studio space in downtown Frederick, plus wherever you may require.)

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The good news is, we do both executive portraits and headshots for just the kinds of professionals described, and we do them a lot.  If that’s what you need in a headshot, by all means, let’s get together and create one for you.

But what about the entrepreneurs, the artists, musicians, actors, the creatives in computer fields or engineers in outdoor fieldwork…what about them?  I kind of fall into this vein myself, and I certainly don’t use a suit and tie approach to either my in-person appearance, nor to my headshot.  Go ahead and browse the headshot section of the gallery.  I think you’ll find an answer to your needs.


Whether you’re like any of these groups or another I haven’t mentioned, give us a call at 724-730-8513 to discuss how you see yourself and what your want to show the world.  We can get there if we talk.  Only the best will do!

Once again, that’s 724-730-8513.

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