A photographic “win” for you

For a new photographer, it’s entirely possible to come to believe that the equipment makes the image. That’s a partial, potentially damaging, truth.

The camera certainly is the tool with which we capture whatever it is we’ve focused upon, much like a hammer is what we use to drive a nail.  The hammer has nothing to do with the beauty of the construction; that’s up to its user.  Same for photography.  Both are dependent upon the talent and skill of the artisan .

Now, having said all that, let me eat a little portion of crow as I describe how impressed I am with the newest camera in my arsenal.  The extraordinary improvements in focus and ISO sensitivity do indeed expand the ease and confidence with which we can work.  This allows lower light photography with amazing sharpness and quality, which in turn, does indeed make for better results for those who hire me.  I must still bring talent to the effort, but these improvements allow optimum interpretation under difficult circumstances.

For instance, at a recent 3 day convention, the low light in the audience areas made previous camera bodies almost ineffective by comparison, yet we needed audience interest and participation photos for the clients.  Cameras only a few years older either did not focus as reliably in such dim light, yielding a greater percentage of unacceptable images, or they were more limited in ISO flexibility to be their best.  Certainly we achieved our clients’ goals, but this improvement is remarkable.

The following image was made at  ISO 3200, 1/200 of a second, at f2.2 with an 85mm lens!  That may not mean much to you, but it’s import is this: in low light, without the distractions of flash photography, we have the tools to create sharp, properly exposed images more reliably than ever before.  This means your corporate event will be better covered with less distractions and higher quality.  A win for sure!

In this image, nearly straight out of the camera, the key speaker about to be introduced is, without doubt, the focal point of the photo and is sharply rendered with great color accuracy.  If you look at the detail below this, you’ll see how well the quality is maintained, and how sharp.

Corporate Event and Convention Coverage


1833 detail


It is always my goal to provide you with the very best photographic coverage of your corporate event.  Call 724-730-8513 to discuss your next convention or  meeting.

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