When Only the Best Will Do for Your Jewelry

Photographs Created for Colonial Jewelers Ad in Frederick Lifestyles Magazine

Jewelry is a chosen area of specialization for Jeff Behm Photography.

I selected jewelry specifically because it is one of the most challenging subjects to photograph well.  With very small objects like jewelry, we use close focusing macro lenses, specialized lighting setups, mirrors and other tools.  The problem is, macro lenses working at close distances on tiny objects have an extremely shallow depth of field.

Images created for Winter Fine Jewelry and Dominion Jewelers

Keeping it all in focus is part of the challenge

It’s not uncommon to have only about 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch in focus at these magnifications.  Problem is, if we’re photographing a ring, it can be anywhere from 3/4 of an inch to an inch and a half in depth.  If we’re photographing a necklace or bracelet, that becomes anywhere from 3 inches to 6 or 8.  How to keep that all in focus is just part of the challenge.

To add to that, the type of gem, how it’s cut and the many facets impact how gems photograph.  For instance, it’s not uncommon for diamonds that are perfectly photographed to appear somewhat blurry at these magnifications, even though they are properly focused.

Depending upon the white balance and quality of light used in making the photograph, it’s possible for yellow gold to appear as if it were rose gold, or vice versa; neither of which are desirable.  Or, for silver jewelry to look too white; clear white diamonds can take on a yellow cast, which can be due to problems with white balance, or possibly as a result of picking up a color cast from a gold band. Resolving these issues is part of our job.

The bottom line is just this:  If you’re in the business of making and/or selling jewelry, give Jeff Behm Photography a call.  When “Only the Best Will Do” remember, we take your art seriously.

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All Photographs © Jeff Behm Photography.

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