Playing with my food…photography

A large cluster of Rosé wines arranged like a flower, on white

Rosé rose.

Rosé rose.  A little whimsy, a little wine, imagination and a little time.

Three Rosé wines in conventional arrangements, on white

As the client expected

Photography of products for online sales, or e-commerce, is a large part of what I do in my business, and have for 3 decades, plus.   Not so long ago, the bulk of my commercial photography was for print media – magazines ads, product packaging, trade shows, etc.  Today, by far, most of it is for e-commerce, meaning websites and pop-ups.  The current trend in e-commerce photographs is the product on a white field, like these, below.

When I can,  I like to play around in my mind with the “what ifs?”.   What if we did this, or changed that?  How can we use what we’ve been asked to create and attract more attention?

So, an idea like the first image, above, starts out as the client has requested it, sort of like the screen grab, immediately above.  Then that gets expanded upon, like these below.

Three Rosé wines in unusual arrangements

As the experimentation begins

It may be odd to think of food photography in this vein, but this certainly is one aspect of it.  Of course, the nature of the product helps determine what kind of photography is most appropriate.  A lot of food looks more appetizing slightly warm-toned, so the proper setting is important.   A clean white background may be too “cold” for the best overall rendering, unless the food has a packaging advantage, like wines do.

A wine bottle against a white background looks clean, crisp, pleasing.   A hamburger, or even a beer, might be less appealing photographed in this way. 

A single bottle of wine on white

Photographed for the wine catalog


Rich chocolate cake, a maraschino cherry, a fork and colorful plates

Chocolate Cake With a Cherry on Top

It’s important to differentiate how best to increase the eye appeal for every product we photograph.  We want you to be successful using the images we create for you.

Waffle cones with vanilla and strawberry ice cream on product box

Product photos for Joy Cones

Mint Julep on tray and window light behind

The Perfect Mint Julep

Strawberry iced cupcake with sugar flower decoration in party setting

Gorgeous Gourmet Cupcake

Lobster tail, filet mignon, asparagus and potatoes in outdoor setting

Surf ‘n’ Turf, Shoreside

Red velvet cupcake with butter cream icing on white

Delicious Red Velvet Cupcake


Sometimes, whimsy takes over….and magic happens

Juxtaposition of the sweets we eat versus the veggies we do not

What? Me Diet?


Arrangement of bottles of wine in a floral configuration, on white

How far can we take it?

Lest we forget – our Rosé rose…

…or marshmallow bunnies, taking over the world…

Whatever you need, from reality to whimsy, call us at Jeff Behm Photography.  When only the best will do, we can exceed your need.  

We are located in Frederick MD, but travel wherever needed.  You can call 724-730-8513 or email  We’d love to serve you, too.

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