Models, a Photographic Essential

Models are the life blood of the advertising and fashion industries, and for a photographer like me, who shoots lots of products being demonstrated by models, having a number of people who fit the need is very important.

Traditionally, it’s common to think of models as thin, slinky “Twiggy types” but there’s a  new, more health conscious attitude taking hold.  This new ethos is about models who look healthy and fit, like the young, active healthy people we see everyday – with one very important difference.  The camera loves them.

Advertising Photography: Traveling the World

“ The camera loves them?”  What’s that mean?  Well, provided we have normal vision, you and I see everything in three dimensions, faces included.  The camera, however, does not.  It only sees in two dimensions.  When reduced to two dimensions, facial features take on somewhat different characteristics.  When that change is especially pleasing, photographers often comment that “the camera loves him or her”, an essential for work as a model.

It would be customary to think that camera “love” is about youthful beauty, which, while often true, is not the only determinant.  Think of Betty White, or the woman who years ago asked “Where’s the beef?”  Sometimes the camera loves the one who fits the need best.

Assignments have taken Jeff Behm from San Diego, CA.,  to London and Edinburgh, UK., while serving locally for Frederick, Washington, Montgomery, Prince George’s, Howard and Baltimore counties.  Services provided include advertising, aerial, food, executive portraiture and commercial photography at the highest levels.   For outstanding professional advertising photography, located in Frederick, MD. but  traveling the world, call 724-730-8513 to speak with us.

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