Kaiser Permanente Event

Dr. Andrew Weil, one of the world’s authorities on diet and a chief proponent of “integrative medicine”, https://www.drweil.com/health-wellness/balanced-living/meet-dr-weil/what-is-integrative-medicine/ speaking to doctors from Kaiser Permanente.

With this intense concentration on the value of integrative medicine, Kaiser Permanente is making a significant investment in its medical team’s more holistic approach to wellness, not just the absence of disease.



The approach to the weekend was novel, too.  Doctors and their families were invited, with activities for significant others and child care on tap during seminar hours.  Meals were all from the healthy eating work of the presenters and were delicious as well as great health options.





Dr. Daniel Freidland, author of “Leading Well from Within”, another of the featured presenters at the Kaiser Permanente sponsored weekend’s seminar.

Photography by Jeff Behm for Sitek Productions

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