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It’s been too long since something new was posted here, so I’ll try to change that today. It’s been a busy time, which usually acts as a double edged sword – creating content but taking away time to write about it.  Self employed readers will understand that.

One recent headshot I like very much is of Connor, graduating this spring from Annapolis.  One of the issues with photographs of people wearing a billed cap (or ‘cover’, as they refer to it in the Navy) is the potential for a darker area on the brow or into the eyes, depending upon the length of the bill and the person wearing it.

To prevent that, there is an extra light added to the set-up for this shot: a beauty dish, set slightly lower than the center of the key light and 1/2 stop brighter.  The result is the well shaped face you see here, with no distracting shadow from the bill of the cap, brightly lit eyes and nice contouring.  Because of the large softbox and the fact that its been feathered to the camera right, there is also a great deal of “wrap” of the light into the shadow side.

If a professional headshot is what you need to project your business, your talent, attitude, and demeanor, don’t trust all that to a selfie, a cell phone or an amateur.  Whether it’s in your workplace or the studio, we can provide what you need at the highest levels.  Call 724-730-8513 to arrange for your best look, because only the best will do.

Congratulations, and thanks to Connor for his service to our Navy and Nation.


By the way, I told Connor he looks like the character Tony DiNozzo on NCIS, played by Michael Weatherly.  Not sure that was appreciated.

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