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As Megan sits in “her” stable, the BorsaBag protects her purse from the usual elements found in barns.

Advertising Photography on Locations

Several weeks ago a request came in from from another photographer, Rick Ruff, referring Diane Piper, who asked if we could create a look of wealth for a product used to protect expensive items.

Enter Diane’s brain child, the BORSAbag, small, compact, self contained in it’s built-in pouch, and carried discreetly in your handbag until you need it; yet big enough when opened to provide shelter.   The BORSAbag is specifically designed for high end/high dollar handbags like Coach, Fendi, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbanna, Saint Laurent and more, but works just as well for cameras and camera bags, computers and other items of value.


Why a bag for a bag? (Borsa is Italian for bag, I learned)

Because with high quality belongings, maintenance and appearance are so critical. Many women who own such handbags also operate businesses, are executives, own stables, have yachts or other activities that can find them and their valuables exposed to rain, sea and sand, the detritus of the stable or contaminants in the city, and wish to have a way to protect their investment.  After all, who knows what grease or residue is on the floor of the fine restaurant where you might be expected to place your handbag?

To that end, we scouted a number of locations around Maryland to fit plausible scenarios in which the BORSAbag is intended for use.  Many thanks to Summer Wind Farm and their Foxy G rescue stables, a beautiful environment for retired or rescued thoroughbreds who opened their barns to us with great goodwill.  Also thank you to the Annapolis Yacht Club for the gracious access they granted in our search for a seaside locale.


In between “appointments” Erika takes time to check her calendar while her BorsaBag protects her handbag from city detritus.


As a long time advertising and commercial photographer, the endless inventiveness of clients intrigues me to no end.  I now have a BORSAbag with my camera gear as a water resistant cover for the bag.

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