Bending the light – a “How To” tip

Through out my years as a product and advertising photographer, the accumulation of small tools for specialized uses has been ongoing.  In fact, I have one of those red mechanic’s tool boxes full of such tools.  You know, the bright red boxes you see when you’re in the dealership at the head of every workstation?  It’s just that mine is for things like mirrors and vignette tools, masks, tapes of different types and colors, cleaning utensils, and even some screwdrivers and wrenches.  Of special importance are the mirrors – everything from the little round ones you see at the dentist’s office to some large enough to be in your hallway to check you hair as you pass.

And why?  Because the application of light in specific places and the denial of light in others is all part of what I do to make your photos the best they can be.  For an upcoming photography session for a restaurant chain, I wanted to simplify the use of mirrors.  The concept is one I’d used before, but the resulting tools had become lost or broken over the years and with the recent move to Frederick, Md.

So, I determined to make new mirror based tools and for fun, to document the process,  so here we go.  In another post, I’ll show a sample of the results.

The application of light in specific places and it’s denial in others is what I do

Photo Mirror1Photo Mirror2

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