As The Front Comes In

Our field trip for this October’s Intermediate Photography Class sponsored by the Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts in New Castle, ended up on a ridge top with a westerly view last Wednesday.  The previous 4 or 5 days of beautiful autumnal blue sky weather was just about to come to and end.  As we looked west, we could see the arrival of the cold front that would change it all within hours, but until then, it made for some incredible and unusual sunset and afterglow images.

Earlier in the afternoon, we’d seen sun dogs – the prismatic mini-rainbows that sit at the exact left and right hand sides of the sun.  Caused by refraction of light through millions of shards of atmospheric ice, the ancient civilizations decided they were the dogs guarding the throne of the sun god and are found in literature as far back as the ancient Greeks and Romans.

Sun Dogs herald extreme cold, at least in the upper atmosphere, and accompany high cirrus clouds and mare’s tails, as can be seen in the photo below.

Mostly, though, I just liked the light.As-the-Front-Comes-In2

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