The Sky’s Afire

If you’re from the area, – especially New Wilmington, Pulaski, New Bedford – you know the extraordinary beauty of the stretch of road that links these towns.  Rt 208 is under consideration by the state of Pennsylvania to become an Artisan and Scenic Highway, and along with quite a few others from New Bedford to Foxburg, PA., I’m on board.

The first three images were created recently, while the panoramic photos have been published on this blog before.  I make no apologies, however, for this is about Rt. 208, west towards the Ohio line and New Bedford.  These images reflect only two to three miles along that drive.

If you’re not from the area, consider this a tiny portion of what happens as the day moves on towards sunset along Rt 208.  Better yet, come see it for yourselves.



Note the tiny spider within the web in the lower left corner of the grass seeds above.  I’d never have noticed without this photo.


Summer grasses grow up tall and nearly cover this springhouse, built into a hillside.  Still used by some Amish to keep foods like milk cool due to their naturally cool environment, springhouses are common here.


Directly across the road from the springhouse, is a row of cedars.  Sometimes the light is just incredible.

West-of-NW-with-edgeThat is, in fact, Rt 208, heading into the westering sun.


In spring,  Amish farmers plant their fields of soy, wheat or corn.  Their children attend one room schoolhouses set in the midst of their neighborhoods, and life, chores and responsibility are not separate from school.  Although on a spring day like this, school might just be the last thing on their minds, too.


All too soon, late summer heat brings time for harvest.  The oats turn golden, the corn browns and is stacked in shocks, as in the previous post, “As the Front Moves In”.  Winter returns.

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