So you say you need jewelry photography

It never seems to change.  I love photographing beautiful jewelry.  Don’t ask why, I haven’t any special or insightful answer.  It’s not like I wear anything but a wrist watch myself – one of four that I rotate, but that’s no biggie.

I think it has to do with art.  Actually with Art, capital “A”.  Somewhere back in time, someone first learned to hammer on certain precious metals and form them as decorations, probably for a loved one or for their local ‘royalty’.   Further on, another experimenter learned you could melt the softer metals and create even more diverse designs, turning the making of decorations into an art form that rivals the finest painters and sculptors – especially sculptors.  Because these little gems are, to me, sculpture in miniature.

Eventually, of course, someone added a stone, probably any stone at first.  Then a special stone.  Then a rare stone, and so on until we arrived where we are today, with CAD designs and lasers and all kinds of combinations.

Bottom line, it’s always about the exquisite beauty that results.

As the title says, “So you say you need jewelry photography”.  If that’s the case, call me at 724-730-8513 or email   Allow 3 decades of professional photographic experience to go to work on your miniature sculptures in metal and stone.

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