Profession Obsession Confession

Photography consumes my attention in ways that astonish me!

Eventually, most of us want to find work that pleases us, makes us feel good in the doing and, hopefully, that other people appreciate.

I wake up every day grateful to realize that I’m especially blessed to make my living in photography, an art form that consumed me from the start.  The first time I had the opportunity to use our Minolta SRT 202, back in film days, I was hooked.  It was a superb camera, nearly pro quality;  a gift we made to ourselves on our first anniversary.

Almost immediately photography consumed my attention in ways that astonished me, and probably created unrecognized barriers for family and friends.  I could barely think about my “day-job”, thinking instead about images I’d either made, or was planning.

A darkroom for film development and printing was soon built in the basement.  After work I’d spend countless hours developing film or prints or reading up on how to improve.  It kept me awake terribly late most nights; an obsession rivaled only by my love of music and playing guitar.

Fast forward over many decades and it is still the number one recipient of my waking hours’ attention.  The subjects have changed over the decades, but the desire is strong as ever.   I do, though, still play guitar!



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