Shooting (photos) at the Smithsonian

Arcadian Productions DC has once again been asked to create something special, this time for the Microsoft Holiday Party in Washington, DC, held at the Smithsonian Institution’s Arts and Industry Building.  Jeff Behm Photography is most pleased to have again been asked to document the arrangements made by the Arcadian team.

With the able assistance of Kent State University photography major, Sarah Behm, we were able to meet the extremely tight deadlines required in order to capture 4 major rooms plus detail shots plus the central common area; all created on the fly as set-up for each was completed, and each with different color themes and lighting, based on green, blue, yellow and orange.

We couldn’t start before 6PM because the 4 different “spokes of the wheel” style rooms of the Arts and Industry Building wouldn’t be fully ready before then.  Nor could we work beyond 7PM, because that’s when the Microsoft employees would arrive to start the party.

Our instructions were to photograph each room in its individualized lighting, plus the various features of that particular setting.  In addition, photograph several of the bars around the main or central “hub of the wheel” as well as the ceiling with it’s amazing light projections – almost kaleidoscopic in appearance.  Checking in at 5:45PM in order to get prepared, we were ready at 6 to start photography.  At that point we had to clear the room of staff who might remain before we could commence photography in that room with it’s amenities, then move to the next wing/spoke/room and repeat.  Once those were completed, we retreated to the central hub and photographed the ceiling and the ice sculpture set-up that would be carved later in the evening.

In keeping with our assignment, we completed all photography, packed up our equipment, and were exiting the building by 7:04PM.  The rooms were beautifully illuminated and our client is happy.

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