Product Photography – US Pedic

In an earlier post I mentioned that recently I’d not been keeping up with this Blog for a few reasons (or if you’d rather, excuses, but they make sense to me).  Basically, the template was changed and the redesign was very time consuming before it was close to my vision for it, plus being busy shooting. So, with that out of the way….

We got a call from a mattress company, US Pedic, about their new catalog and website.  I love shooting large products and planning out a means of accomplishing the client’s needs.  In most cases, this calls for a scouting visit to the shoot location to assist in how we think about the project.  In this case, the company had taken over a large existing furniture store and had not yet redone the walls.

This prompted a discussion about what changes we could make to the appearance of the walls, making them look less like a warehouse and more like a bedroom.  After assuring our client that we could indeed take care of the walls if they would provide bedroom furniture to stage the room and make it look like the beds were in rooms.

After this visit, I was able to put together a proposal that met their goals.  On the appointed day, Sam Levitan – friend, photographer extraordinaire, gracious assistant and frequent collaborator – and I drove down to the Rockville are store to perform the assignment.

One of the things we had to address was the refections in the mirrors in the bedroom sets, which was primarily accomplished in post production.   The fact is, the entire space was open like a warehouse, with the exception of the back wall, which was the kind of material that allows displays to be hung on designed slots.  Another issue was o differentiate the various mattresses on different beds by showing different colored rooms.  Here are a number of samples of color options we were able to provide for their selection.  The options in furniture were limited, so by changing colors and a few details on repeated furnishings, we managed.


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