Photography class starting Dec 6, 2014

Beginning Digital Photography Class

Do you have trouble interpreting your camera’s instruction manual, getting the photos you want or just want to know more – including how to use the different modes, to meter and use different light, control the light, manage your storage media and properly load images into your computer safely?  If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this is your class.

It is essential that there be enough people interested in taking the class to make it practical, interesting and vibrant. To that end, at least 5 students are necessary, with a maximum of 12, to ensure proper attention to each of you.

Classes start Dec 6 from noon till 3PM and are held at the Mac Business Solutions store, 11 South Market, Frederick, MD.  Fee is $200 total for all three classes and must be paid by Dec 4.

Taught by Jeff Behm, this class draws upon Jeff’s 31 years as a professional photographer with assignments from California to Europe, in addition to 13 years experience as a photographic educator, including the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, The Trumbull Art Gallery, The Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts, and the USW Continuing Education of Warren, OH.

“Beginning Digital Photography” consists of 3 classes, one per week, 3 hours each, Class One starts with technical familiarity with, and knowledge of, camera equipment in general; answering your technical questions, trouble shooting various aspects of each students’ experience, then becoming more familiar with your own camera’s abilities so that the subsequent classes will be more accessible to each student.

Classes Two and Three will then concentrate on camera use and lighting – indoors and out, artificial and natural, light modification and tools you can build yourself to enhance  your photographic experience and enrich your enjoyment as well as your success.  Weather permitting, some outdoor photography will be included for at least one class.

Classes start with gaining competency with your current ability determining where we start, plus assignments for completion and review as we progress.  Your digital camera, your owner’s manual and a little familiarity with your digital camera are suggested.  Please be prepared to take notes, and have access to a computer.  Includes printed materials, instruction and your ability to place follow-up calls if questions arise afterwards. With completion of this class, we offer a 10% discount with registration for more advanced classes in our offering. Call 724-730-8513 or email to register.

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