My Photographic Mission Statement

In a recent discussion with other professionals about some current trends in photography – strangely colored yellow or blue green washes over the image – I made the following observation about the  staying quality of photographs:

“When I got married, chocolate colored tuxes were in vogue.  5 years later, I could not look at them without wincing.  Trendy is quick to pass.  Black tuxes wax and wane in enthusiasm, but unlike a trend, always look good in retrospect.  I want my photography to be like a classic black tux.  Finding the right client isn’t as easy, but they won’t be as likely to take them down from the walls a couple years after the fact.”

That’s my mission statement, whether it’s about portraiture, commercial or any other kind of work I create.


  Photography to stand the test of time, like a classic black tux.


I specialize in photographic problem solving.  My images help give personality to businesses, connecting them to their audiences and ultimately increasing their bottom line.

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