Hand-tooled Mexican Leather Handbags

Among the many interesting products I get to photograph are these gorgeous hand-tooled leather handbags from AdamAlexis.  Imported from Mexico, they are a continuation of the fine craftsmanship established in that country going back hundreds of years with carved leather saddles.  Unlike the more common stamped products that can be mass produced cheaply and sold as if the products were comparable or even similar, each of these is hand-cut by masters in leather carving, preserving the art and a centuries old way of life worth validating, still, today. 

I want to be sure to mention our wonderful models, Erika, Rhiannon, and Sasha.  They did excellent work in presenting the many different looks available.  Rhiannon and Sasha can be reached through Deanna Hemus at DivineLive on Facebook.

Take a look and enjoy.

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