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©Jeff Behm

©Jeff Behm

Every wedding makes me think of the little girl in this photo.

I’ve mentioned this before, but perhaps it needs exploration.  When I meet with the brides who’ve selected Jeff Behm Photography for their wedding, in the back of my mind there’s the knowledge that for many women, their subconscious has been imprinted as early as the girl in this photograph.

This particular little girl was trying to see over the pews, but was too short.  Her focus was rapt, so intent was she on what looked like a fairy castle bathed in light.  She could not tolerate only seeing part.  I was paying attention to the couple, but aware of this child trying so hard to see.  Suddenly, as I was watching the bridal couple through the viewfinder, I became aware that there was something in the aisle that hadn’t been before.  There she was, still as a stone…watching everything.  Her wise and patient mother leaned near, but allowed her daughter to stay until the end.

What has this child got to do with a young woman coming to Behm’s?  Part of my job is to come to an understanding of your internal wedding, that dream that commenced when you were this child, and began to know “ My wedding will be…”

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