Commercially Playing with COLOR!

This may not look like much to you now, but to this commercial photographer, it’s essential. If this kind of intense color or mixture of colors was important to your image, these color swatches provide you a hint of the degree to which we can control them. The top row runs from pastels that are still intensely colorful, to deep, saturated colors. It makes no difference what colored gels we choose, this degree of control is part of what we can provide for you.

Those middle and bottom rows demonstrate our control of the focus of the background from highly blurred to nearly focused, whether at an angle, like the middle, straight or something else entirely.


Want near nuclear neon color? We can do that. Want something a little more subdued? We can do that, too. Want a mix of your corporate colors? Sure thing. Want a clean look or a little down and dirty or scruffy? Yeah. That too. Want to learn more? Visit

The purpose is control.  Making my living as an adverstising and commercial photographer  demands rigorous control of the technical, as well as artistic flare.  Look for more along these lines in upcoming posts. 

Why all this talk about controlling the light in the background? Because in addition to your product, the setting is part of the appeal of an add. It may not be as obvious as what we’re showing here, but whether bold or subtle, hues and tones make your product stand out. Consult with us, we want you to be successful. #commercialphotography #advertising #food #jewelry

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