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5308-2Wow!  It’s MARCH!!!!  What the hell happened to January and February?  For the most part, if you look at my blog history, there’s at least an entry a month, sometimes two or three.  I was shocked to see that I’ve been AWOL from blogging since December.  Looking at it another way, maybe it’s been “with leave”, because it’s been a busy time, yet not with things I usually blog about.  Still, there have been lot’s of commercial sessions, lots of head shots and product photos plus lots of heavy snow storms in between to keep me shoveling snow (instead of shoveling other stuff?)

So it’s time to start catching up, going back to December.

First up, Medispec, an international firm with offices in Germantown.  The equipment shown is for Lithotripsy, the breaking up of kidney stones through shock waves, rather than surgery.  When Medispec’s Marketing Manager, Robin Miller, contacted me I could NOT have told you what Lithotripsy is, but like so many firms, Medispec makes a fascinating product, and I like learning about the things I photograph.

Ultimately, the point is this:  with assistance from Sam Levitan, we built and lit this white sweep or cove area on location at Medispec’s headquarters so we could create exactly what was needed for their advertising project.  Photographic problem solving for technical projects, that’s what I do.  If you need photographs of a product that presents challenges, give us a call at 724-730-8513.



For advertising or commercial photography of the highest technical quality  and precision, contact Jeff Behm Photography in Frederick, MD, but traveling the world.  Call 724-730-8513

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