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Martinez Green

Martinez Green

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted here.  Gratefully, that’s because keeping up with the needs of clients has been all consuming.  Couple that to visits both from and to out of state family, and this has been my first opportunity since late September to write for the blog.

So many of my immediate family are in the arts that sitting down with sculptors, potters, painters, musicians and other photographers is very familiar and comfortable.

That was entirely the case when Frederick area potter Tammy Martinez first came to me for photography of her creative and beautiful work. You may recognize Tammy’s name from the shop she owned on Shab Row, across from Frederick Coffee Company.  Although she has since sold the shop, Tammy continues to make the outstanding CoffeeCo signature mugs you can buy there.  As an award winning potter, Tammy is also now experimenting with new glazes and crystals, some of the latter of which you’ll see here, as well as in previous blog posts.

The key to these is to keep reflections as minimal as possible (we are often changing light positions for some of the designs) while demonstrating both accurate color and the fantastic crystal shapes within the glaze.   It’s always exciting to see what kinds of shapes they take, and how they affect the look of the piece.

Creative, beautiful pottery


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With 31 years experience photographing for manufacturers ranging from the world’s largest makers of personal craft sailboats, Snark; to the world’s largest maker of ice cream cones, Joy Cones; to high security US Military projects, it’s been my pleasure to provide the very best service and imagery for clients around the world. The combination of experience, technical expertise, creativity, attention to detail and just plain vision and talent makes Jeff Behm Photography the right choice.  Call 724-730-8513.

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