Rural Beauty So Near New Castle, PA

I really thought my next post on this blog was going to be about the physical changes made to the studio and what we’re doing with the pizza party for 2011 WAHS seniors.  Those will come, I promise.  In fact, the absence of recent posts has been prompted by the time consuming changes being made inside the studio.

Home for the Evening Milking
As it turns out, though, what we have here is the result of the 3rd session of our Intermediate Photography class at the Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts of New Castle, PA.  One of the goals of the Intermediate class is to get out into the surrounding area to utilize the concepts of composition and the use of light that we discuss in class.

It’s one thing to talk academically, and quite another to use what we learn.  So we visit locations in Mercer and Lawrence Counties, hauling cameras, tripods, light meters and gray cards among other things, looking into how we can take back control of the camera from the “Full Auto” engineered into each and every one.  If our photographs are reflective of our vision, we should have as much control as we are capable of exercising.

As the instructor, I rarely take my camera out, but this May 2010 class said “Go ahead, we’re happy shooting away.”  This first, Home for the Evening Milking is one of a handful I managed before going back to my real duties.

Before packing the camera away, however, I got a shot of each of the students as they concentrated on their own creations.


Students Diane and Bill, Maria and Dave, concentrate on their images

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