My Passions Play Out in Different Ways

Why write about this topic?  Perhaps it’s so you know a little more about me.  That can help build trust.  Trust is essential when making a decision to invest in photography, whether it’s for business or your family.  The possible questions and back-of-mind reservations are too numerous to list, and I have to recognize that they do exist.  Letting you become more comfortable with who I am, who and what I love and what I provide to you can’t hurt. Take a look at some of these blog posts for more.

Just a teaser – a collision of two passions in one photograph

Numbers can help.  Numbers like “approaching my 40th year in this business”.  Details like having photographed assignments from Texas to Nova Scotia to Great Britain can help, too.

Lists of impressive clients certainly help, so here are a few:  RoosterBio, GPI/Greenman-Pedersen Inc., Praxair, Joy Ice Cream Cones, Werner Ladders, Trinity Industries, Inc., Lowe’s Home Improvement, 84 Lumber, plus magazines like TIME, Cheers, Appalachian Magazine, Pittsburgh Magazine, DRY Fashion and more.

Those are just details, but the topic is passions, or what I love, so here they are, from number one to number three.  

The essential people

First is family.  My three children, Chris, Julianne and Nathan, and their families, including  granddaughters Lilly and Maddy, Nathan’s bride Annie, and Chris’s fiance Tasha (not pictured).  While this family portrait was completely spur-of-the-moment on Memorial Day weekend, knowing how to deal with the incredibly bright sun in a cloudless sky made all the difference. That’s in your favor when I’m working for you.

My current working kit. Small, light, fast. Plus a lot of lenses and lights

The second is photography.  Photography has never been far from my mind since the time my former wife, Judy, and I gifted ourselves a decent 35mm camera for our first anniversary.  Six years later I was working evenings and weekends as a photographer, and a year after that had gone full-time.   Visit to decide for yourself how it’s been going since.

One of the tremendous Taylor Guitars, and a joy to play

Third on the list of driving motivations, or passions, is music.  This includes the music that I play and write on guitar, the music I listen to for relaxation and while driving, and the music I was involved in just out of college when I worked as a sound engineer or stage manager for bands traveling the world.

All of these are phenomenal additions to my life and the roots to quality of life as I see it.  I am forever grateful to be able to know and appreciate these facts. 

Put my passion to work for your passion. Call 724-730-8513 now!

By the way, that western PA phone number traveled with me from there to Frederick, because it’s the number that clients from there still use to engage me.  So don’t be concerned about location.  I’m right in the Frederick area, and still traveling wherever clients need me.

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