Corporate Event Photography

What could be better?  You’ve been asked to plan your company’s next big event. You know it’s a lot of responsibility, but you welcome the challenge and know it’s another notch in your belt as you climb the ladder of advancement.  Play it smart, not safe.

After all the plans are in place – venue, speakers, entertainment, lights, sound, caterer, lodging – all the things you have to consider, don’t forget to hire an experienced, qualified, professional photographer.  A photographer who has demonstrated the ability to rise above the challenges of the day and get the shot.  A photographer used to interfacing with and photographing celebrities, politicians, and attendees with equal aplomb.  A photographer with 3 decades experience at over 500 events to inform his decisions and who has sufficient gear to have multiple back-ups,  in case Murphy’s Law comes calling; one who has additional photographers available to provide expanded coverage for multiple locations or large events.

Use a real professional.  Hire Jeff Behm by calling 724-730-8513 for your event coverage.  See  or email

For your corporate functions,  hire an experienced, qualified, professional photographer


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