As the father of grown children, all of whom live on the eastern seaboard, it is wonderful to be able to simply glance up and catch a glimpse of them from the portraits hanging in my home.

This is how I came to understand that Fine Portraiture is an investment, firsthand as the children grew.  A true portrait is an heirloom… a record of you, your family or your children at a particular point in time, a time that passes all too quickly.

At Behm Photographics, it is our commitment to you – a commitment we take to heart – to create stunning portraits for your personal, lifelong enjoyment.

To discuss creation of your own, personal family heirloom, your treasured memory, call us at 724-730-8513 or email : jrbehm@studiob-productions.com.   You can also view and download more information by clicking here.

© Jeff Behm
© Jeff Behm
©Jeff Behm

©Jeff Behm

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